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The Most Important Criteria for Selecting an Accounting Agency


Every year, reviews over 156 accounting firms in the Boston area and selects from them the cream of the crop—the top 20 industry performers that companies in Boston, MA can seek out for accounting support. We’re proud to announce that our own accounting platform, SmartBooks, made...

How to set Financial Goals for Your Company

If you want manageable growth, you have to be realistic about your financial goals. Easier said than done, we know. As a business gains the admiration of new investors alongside a growing consumer base, it can be tempting to structure financial plans to align with this meteoric growth. Of...

4 Times Accounting Errors Cost Big Companies Big Money

It’s no secret that even the biggest businesses can fall victim to basic accounting errors that result in lost income, public scrutiny, or legal action. But unfortunately for large organizations with plenty to lose, small mistakes mean big losses.

Setting Up Dimensional Charts of Accounts for Accurate Data Forecasting

For many business verticals—SaaS companies in particular—in-house accounting can be complicated. There are plenty of factors to consider, and if they’re set up incorrectly they can actually damage your organization. To help you along, we’ll review one of the most basic yet most important aspects...

10 Books Every Aspiring CEO Should Read

Leading an organization requires a broad range of knowledge on topics that don't always seem to fit together. And you don’t learn a lot of this in school.  Often, the biggest fires and the biggest opportunities result from the least expected circumstances.  There's only so much studying you can...

5 Questions SaaS Companies Should Ask Their Accountant

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies enjoy unique and inherently profitable business models, but the benefits come at a cost. Accounting for SaaS companies can be notoriously complex and become even more so when the standards for financial accounting enter a state of flux.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Online Bookkeeping Services

Numbers aren’t easy to deal with. Most executives dream of the day when they can rise far enough in the ranks that they can hand off their reports to other staff members tasked with crunching the numbers and making the math come out.

But what if nobody on your staff was burdened with this goal?...

QuickBooks Features for Power Users

QuickBooks is held in high regard as one of the most powerful online accounting platforms on the market for small to medium businesses, but even its ardent fans may not realize the full range of features that QuickBooks provides.

A “power user” is defined as someone who operates software with...

Which Accounting Method is Right For Your SaaS Startup?

With SaaS services typically living in the cloud, SaaS companies must understand the intricacies of cloud-computing taxation, nexus liability, and which accounting solutions will offer the best results for their businesses.

Managing Your SaaS Company Recurring Revenue More Efficiently

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model isn’t revolutionary, but it is somewhat unique. Customers enter into service agreements and pay up-front for access to services rendered over a specific amount of time. To guarantee efficiency of revenue allocation in the typical SaaS business...

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