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Migrating from QB Desktop to QB Online: 5 Ways to Make it a Smooth Transition


With QuickBooks Online offering numerous features and time-saving capabilities over its desktop counterpart, more QB users are making the shift to QB Online. Here are a few tips to make the process as simple as possible.

How to Tell When Your Agency Needs to Outsource its Accounting

The outsourced finance market is maturing.  As the capabilities of third-party accounting management firms improve, more businesses are able to employ their services and see the benefits that these services can provide.

At a certain point, almost any business can benefit from these services—the...

4 Tips for Securing Your QuickBooks Data

QuickBooks is accounting management software ideal for small businesses that want more efficient management of their bookkeeping. Unfortunately, software that handles sensitive client information is a common target for hackers, malware, and other illicit users who try to profit from its theft.


Top 10 Steps to Close Your Books

Closing the books is a systematic way of completing the accounting for a period of time.  After the books are closed, financial statements and other reports can be distributed and used.  Typically a company’s books are closed on a monthly basis though there may be additional activities...

Accounting for Time, Managing Expenses Key to Profitable Agency Growth

Professional services firms such as graphic design, marketing, and advertising agencies have specific accounting needs. Accounting software and services that don’t adequately manage time and expenses can skew reports, giving you data that’s misleading. And when you’re running your business with...

4 Best Practices to Improve Time & Materials Billing


Businesses sell services to help others while helping themselves-- After all, profits are what allow a business to grow, covering costs and keeping employees financially secure. While there are a variety of factors that determine whether or not a business is profitable, one of the most...

8 Best Practices to Improve Your Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses has moved well beyond the day of the physical ledger. It’s become electronic, cloud-based, and accessible from any Internet-enabled device. However, small business owners can struggle to implement this technology in a seamless way. The following best...

New Federal Form I-9 for 2017

From the American Payroll Association:

USCIS Publishes New Form I-9 and Instructions

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has released the new Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, and updated the Instructions for Form I-9. Employers must begin using the new version (dated...

7 Signs Your Business Is Outgrowing Its Accounting Capabilities

Making changes to your current bookkeeping and accounting system can seem overwhelming. We know because we’ve worked with many businesses that resist change so long they don’t realize their old systems – things that worked fine in the early stages of business – were actually hindering growth.

What Does HR Mean To You?

When I was first hired here at SmartBooks in May 2010, the company was still very young and very small.  There were only seven people on payroll - by far the smallest company I’d ever worked for!  In my first three years here, I helped grow the business to more than 30 employees.   I had the...

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